Bianca is an assistant professor at the ArtCenter College of Design.  Her courses teach students that design is not just decoration, but a reflection of the worlds we choose to build. Bianca works alongside students, offering direction, historical context, and critical frameworks as students explore topics like futurism, political education, and material language.

No matter their major, students leave classes with critical frameworks and foundational tools to engage social issues in their creative practice.


Spring 2024: Future Tripping - TDS

This course will study the connection between futurisms, science fiction, design, and social justice movements. For designers, one of science fiction’s most useful requirements is the necessity to suspend disbelief. In order to be immersed in possibility, you must, for at least a few moments, ignore the current constraints of reality. Social movements are not just about fighting against injustice, but they are also about building alternatives to what currently existsTogether we will look at how past moments from social justice movements are often overlooked as examples of speculative world-building. Students will learn how to infuse beliefs and values into the spaces, objects and systems that will carry us into the future.

Never Again: 9066 - TDS
"Never Again 9066" is a class rooted in the unconstitutional incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. This course asks students to dive deeper into history and use their technical skills as young artists and designers to develop political education materials. Students will study the material language of radical cartography and “map issues” in the context of decades of racialized  conflict stemming from the Model Minority Myth and an even longer history of Yellow Peril. Students learn how to apply historical analysis and values driven campaigns to their creative process. This studio provides students with hands-on experience while creating a space for them to develop their unique perspective as artists and designers.

Funded by the State of California, the goal for these materials is to inform and invite discussion.

Organizing from Where You’re At 

RAD Summer School
Organizing Where You’re At were webinars and workshops welcomed over 550 attendees from all over the world. The courses were developed as a series in 2020 in response to the sudden increase of people who, while eager to spring into action, did not have a relationship with existing movement efforts. The course introduces participants who are new to organizing or recently politicized to the *how* of organizing. In these series we cover  strategies and resources to help you begin organizing within your own spheres of influence, digital security, media-based organizing, building a theory of change, and digital organizing 101.

Attendees requested more material  so Rad Summer School was a 4 week continuation of our  “organizing from where you’re at” series.

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