She works with visual and interactive media to understand, critique, and reimagine social systems of power. Born to a Syrian-Lebanese father and Japanese American mother, her creative practice and research often investigate transnational culture, material language, and the politics of artifacts.  

Currently, Bianca is the Strategy & Creative Director at 18MR, a national digital-first Asian American advocacy organization where she works on grassroots campaigns to mobilize over 170,000 members around social issues.  She is also an assistant professor at the ArtCenter of College and Design where she teaches courses on futurism, design for political education, and material language. She has guest lectured at Duke, Harvard, CUNY,  The New School, the University of San Francisco, OTIS, and elsewhere.

Previously, she co-founded a mobile-first platform for patient-generated health data management and developed a cultural trend forecasting tool while working as a cultural strategist for a global advertising agency.

She has held artist residencies in Los Angeles and New York, and has consulted and facilitated for a variety of institutions and organizations including Asian American Documentary Network, The California Endowment, and UNICEF Innovation. She has written for publications like Disegno Journal(London) and Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam) on speculative futures, disability justice, social justice and design practices, movement building, and more.

Bianca is also a member of the Level Ground LA artist collective as well as a 200 HR certifited yoga teacher.

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