Born to a Syrian-Lebanese father and Japanese American mother, much of Bianca’s work draws on her own experience navigating familial legacy, transnational culture, material language, and the politics of artifacts. Her most recent works explore the concept and paradoxes of time, mapping, and cartographies.

Bianca is also the Strategy & Creative Director at 18MR, a national digital-first Asian American advocacy organization where she works on campaigns to mobilize over 170,000 members around social issues. She cofounded the Antiracist Classroom (, Rad Organizing (, and is former core organizer at amwa ( She has participated in several artist residencies including Activation Residency in New York and Level Ground in Los Angeles.

Bianca received her M.F.A. in Media Design Practices from the ArtCenter College and her B.A. in Communication from the University of Southern California.

Bianca Nozaki-Nasser

is a multimedia artist, strategist, creative directorand educator.

Creative & Strategy Directory, 18 Million Rising
Assistant Professor, Art Center College of Design
 Previous Work & Collaborations  
2022    Nozaki-Naser, Bianca. “A Love Letter,” Disegno: The Quarterly Journal of Design #34 Fall 2022
2022    Linear Time Syllabus, The Syllabus Project, Level Ground 
2021     “Call On Me Not The Cops,” Designer & Editor, 18 Million Rising
2020     Nozaki-Nasser, Bianca. “Dear Kimberle Crenshaw and Mari Matsuda,” 18 Million Rising
2020     “Love Letters to Movement Leaders,” Editor, 18 Million Rising
2020     “Unmasking Yellow Peril,” Designer & Editor, 18 Million Rising
2019     Nozaki-Naser, Bianca. “Learning From The Kia’i at Mauna Kea,” 18 Million Rising
2021     Best of CounterSpin 2021 | Janine Jackson, Counterspin | FAIR
2021     A View from the Field: Fighting Disinformation | Media Flattening of #StopAsianHate | Collette Watson, Free Press | August 5, 2021  
2021     How To Use Digital Spaces to Advocate for Others | Isabeth Mendoza, KQED
2021     ‘If Police Made Asian Americans Safe, We’d Already Be Safe’ | Janine Jackson, Counterspin | FAIR 

2020    The Decolonizers | Jen Wang | Communication Arts 
 Lectures & Workshops 
2023     Color Connections | Artist Talk  | OTIS College of Art and Design
2023      2 D Design | Guest Critic  | OTIS College of Art and Design
2022      Design, Strategy, &  Digital Organizing | Lecturer & Workshop Facilitator | Bocoup
2022      Media Based Organizing | Community Partner, Presenter, & Workshop Facilitator | A-Doc & Haverford College Impact Lab
2022      Imagining Asian American Futures: Building Digital First Community with Art and Technology | Invited Speaker | Mission Cloud Services

2022      Asian American Feminisms | Invited Expert | Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies (GSF) at Duke University
2021    Media for the Movement: Building Visual Narratives | Race, Solidarity, and the Carceral State, Harvard University
2021    "Anti Asian Violence Beyond Hate Crimes and Policing," | Panelist | CUNY,  The New School
2021    Conversation between Alexander Chee, Wei Ming Dariotis, Laura Kina, Bianca Nozaki-Nasser, Curtiss Takada Rooks, and Myra Washington | Panelist | Association for Asian American Studies
2020     Stories That Move | Speaker | Big City Festival
2020      Building an Asian American Feminist Movement: Decolonization and Anti-Capitalism | Moderator | 18 Million Rising + Asian American Feminist Collective Building Asian American Feminisms
2020      Organizing From Where You’re At: Summer School! | Cofounder + Lecturer
2020      Organizing From Where You’re At 101: Beyond Posts + Protests / 102: Pushing Forward + Accountability / 103: Safety + Privilege | Lecture Series
2020      how we fight white supremacy | Facilitator | the free black women’s library   la + amwa | Reparations Club | LA, CA
2020      “Design Strategy for Social Movements” | Guest Lecturer| Design and Social Change | University of San Francisco
2019      Media Based Organizing in Hawaii | Presenter | American Studies Association | Honolulu, HI
2019      Building Community Power: Media Based Organizing as Resistance |  Presenter | American Studies Association | Honolulu, HI
2019      Building Community Power: Media Based Organizing as Resistance |  Presenter | Netroots Nation | Philadelphia, PA

2018      Artivism: Radical Art for Rapid Response Change, | Presenter | Allied Media Conference | Detroit, MI
2018      Reconstructing Practice: Toward an Antiracist Art & Design Field | Co-  Organizer + Plenary Moderator | Antiracist Classroom | Pasadena, CA 
2018      Participatory Design Research Methods & Multiracial Identity | Presenter|  Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference
2018      Product Design 3 | Weekly Lecturer| Art Center College of Design 
2018      Smart Image and Social Impact | Guest Lecture | Art Center College of Design

2017   Product Design 3 | Weekly Lecturer| Art Center College of Design 
2017   Designing Futures | Lecture + Workshop |
Mattel Sponsored Transdisciplinary Studio | Art Center College of Design
2017   Smart Image and Social Impact | Guest Lecture | Art Center College of  Design